The Dragonfly

The dragonfly is a symbol of transformation, renewal and positive force. It is the power of life in its ever-constant process of change. It is a symbol to both ground us and energize us as we connect with nature and all the elements and experiences that make us who and what we are. The dragonfly begins as a creature of the water (manifesting as passion and emotion) and transforms to one of the air (manifesting as balance, mental clarity and the sense of self) with maturity, yet always stays near to and in relationship with water. As we can trace our own paths through life in much the same way, we can find inspiration in the themes of the dragonfly, found so frequently from culture to culture that they have become universal symbols…

• renewal • change • the power of life
 • love  • positive forces  • hope
  • joy   • happiness   • courage
   • good luck     • prosperity    • harmony
    • strength      • sense of self     • the afterlife
     • swiftness       • purity       • summer, warmth and light
         • reflecting and refracting power of light