• Arnica Gel (Topical Gel)

Homeopathic remedy for muscle pain, stiffness, injuries & bruising. There are several brands and are comparable in cost and quality.

Available at:
Whole Foods Markets

• Traumee (Topical Gel)

The original homeopathic arnica gel product from Germany. This proprietary homeopathic blend is more expensive than simple arnica gel, but many say, worth it.

Available at:
Whole Foods Markets

• Braces

Brace Yourself is a locally owned and operated business that has a great selection of braces and knowledgeable, helpful staff. The best knee brace is the NEW EDGE with adjustable tension on the calf, the knee and the thigh. This brace is comfortable and really makes a difference if you have knee pain from arthritis or degeneration. Expensive and worth it!

Available at:
Brace Yourself, 9816 E Burnside, Portland

• Compression Stockings

Just Like A Woman is a shop in the John’s Landing neighborhood and our favorite place for compression stockings, masectomy bras and more. The staff have a rare combination of expertise and warmth that make the shopping experience a pleasure and success.

Available at:
Just Like A Woman, 6333 SW Macadam Ave, #102, Portland

• Foot Rubz (Foot Massage Ball)

Rolling the foot over this small rubber ball (designed to stimulate and release the acu-points of the foot) when seated massages the plantar surface of the foot, relieving pain from tight arches and plantar fascetis. In our experience, more effective that other products for this purpose.

Available at:
REI, 1405 NW Johnson, Portland

• Olbas Pastilles (Cough Drop Lozenges)

In our experience, these not only stop a cough but clear nasal passages and decrease post nasal drip.

Available at:
Whole Foods Markets

• Cran-Actin (UTI prevention)

Available in both capsules or chewable tablets. Cranberry extract supplement for urinary tract health and UTI prevention.

Available at:
Whole Foods Markets

• Zija Smart Mix (Nutritional supplement)

Available in powdered form. Made from Moringa tree leaves, fruit and pods. Whole food supplement providing a natural source of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, carotenoids, cox-2 inhibitors, essential nutrients, fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6, omega-9), all 19 amino acids, and more.

Contact Elisabeth for more information or to purchase

• Tumeric (Powdered Spice from India)

Effective natural remedy for arthritic joints. Use the spice in your cooking or buy Tumeric capsules

Available at:
Most grocery stores for the spice
Most pharmacies for the capsules

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