“I initially sought out massage to deal with shoulder muscle pain. I was also dealing with balance issues and massage was able to help loosen tight muscles in my hips, legs and feet that helped stabilize my gait. I’ve come to depend on my massage sessions to help me deal with whatever comes along. I find that massage has put me in touch with my body and empowered me in my health care maintenance in a way I’d never imagined.”

– Flo

“Massage and acupressure have vitally alleviated joint stiffness and muscle spasms associated with my severe degenerative scoliosis, osteoarthritis, and aging joints. Your skills and expertise, Elisabeth, have enabled me to maintain an adequately functioning body. Most especially your therapy has increased recovery time from injury by one thousand percent.

Wish I could have a massage every other day! If I had Oprah’s money, you would be a permanent staff member – full time!”

– Ele

“My reasons for seeking massage were my chronic tension headaches that often times turned into migraines. The goal was to stop the tension from building up, thus preventing headaches before they started.

You are the first massage therapist to find the origin of my stored tension at the front of my neck. Since coming t see you the frequency of my headaches has more than halved. I’m more grateful than I could very say.”

– Cassandra

(Cassandra’s headaches eventually completely resolved and her experience with massage was so profound that she enrolled in massage school and became a therapist herself. Check out her practice at YogaShalaWellness.Com)

“Massage during the past couple of years has been an integral part of my health regimen. It is one of the main ways I keep walking…a time of centering or conversations as the needs of the day dictate…better than the beauty parlor!

It has helped me in dealing with osteoarthritis, depression and breast cancer. I believe we are only beginning to understand and utilize the fields of energy that surround us and pulse through us and that massage is one of the ways of opening ourselves to life at this level. As we age, many persons, either through life commitments or the death of loved ones, have little experience of human touch and massage can be a way to experience this basic human need. I appreciate the sense of working with the massage therapist in giving attention to muscles that are painful and in need attention. It is one thing I really anticipate with joy in my schedule. I would personally recommend Elisabeth to anyone interested in seeking assistance through massage.”

– Louise

“I sought massage therapy to help with an injury to my leg. While on vacation I found that the massage therapy I received helped and it was recommended that I find a local LMT to see if monthly massages would help me to keep improving. I found Elisabeth through my health insurance provider.

When I first started with Elisabeth my leg was bothering me to the point that I was uncomfortable while driving to work. After these monthly sessions, I am no longer bothered while driving. I still have to be careful while walking on uneven ground but the work Elisabeth has done has greatly improved my leg. I work in an office and I have experienced the benefits of massage in my neck, shoulder and arm.

Just over a year ago I was in a car accident, and I used massage to help with the pain in my back, neck and ribs. Elisabeth always listens to my specific issues and has worked to improve the areas that were brothering me.
I have found that massage is very beneficial in keeping me active and less stressed.”

– Kay

“I discovered massage therapy years ago after suffering neck and shoulder pain following a whiplash injury. After intense massage twice a week, gradually lengthening time between appointments, I reached a point where I was free of pain. Following that time, I would wait until I was in pain again before returning to massage. Finally through trial and error I came to realize that if I have a 1 hour massage once every 4-6 weeks I can avoid ever reaching that point of severe pain. My headaches disappeared long ago and at age 83, I am active and in good health. I sincerely believe regular massage therapy would prevent many health problems that cause people to suffer. If we listen to our bodies, exercise and eat right, accompanied by regular massage, we do stay healthier. I’ve found that after surgery, accidents, or injuries, massage speeds recovery and well-being, definitely!”

– Donna K

“The word at my retirement place is that Elisabeth is good. I went to see her for a painful shoulder. Besides improving the shoulder with massage, she suggested better sleeping positions and at-home exercises that have helped.”

– Nan

“Over the years, I have had a lot of tension and found massage therapy to be of benefit to relax, especially, my shoulders.
In the past few years, finding I had scoliosis, my doctor decided to refer me to a Physical Therapist. I also asked for a referral for acupuncture and have had several treatments.

Along the way I met Elisabeth, who has helped me more than anyone. It is wonderful to lay on her table in the treatment room and fully relax. She finds all my aching muscles and relaxes me. Her influence has kept me working on my daily exercises, which have helped my back and, with her massage therapy, has relieved my pain.

I look forward to my monthly massage and the benefit it gives to my mind, body and soul.”

– Donna B

“I came to Elisabeth originally hoping she could ease some of the aches and pains of an aging body. I didn’t realize how out of shape I had become and how all the different joints and muscles come into play in how we feel. By Elisabeth being diligent and my not being shy with telling her what and how I am feeling each week, she is able to help keep these stressed points more flexible and moving more easily. Elisabeth is very caring and studious. I look forward to seeing her each week.”

– Beverly

“I came to you with a stiff neck that I had had for months. I had very little hope that it would ever go away. Now it is gone. You also had suggestions on what I could (or shouldn’t) do at home to help it. Also when I first started it seemed like there were sore spots (trigger points) everywhere on my body. Those are also gone. Coming for massage once a month for the past 5 years has become an important part of my health maintenance.”

– Jan