As human beings, we’ve been drawn to finding, creating, and wearing artful or meaningful items strung ‘round our necks since before the dawn of recorded history.  While the appeal of these necklaces can be decorative; the historic, symbolic and esoteric properties are often much more important.

These pieces have been known as necklaces, pendants, charms, amulets and talismans throughout history.  They’ve been created of shells, bones, teeth, feathers, stones, and over time, gems, coins, pendants, statues, medals, rings and more were added.  While the purposes and origins of each category have become more defined over time, the usages overlap and what we chose to call this wearable art depends upon the viewpoints of both maker and owner.

I use the term Amulet for my creations as I stumbled upon its description as “a pendant with natural magical properties” and was instantly captured by it.  I believe that all objects have their own energy, and that has certainly been proved to be true for stones, minerals, and crystals.  I also agree that the intention, expectation and belief we have about something, indeed effects its behavior as well as our relationship to it and the outcomes of that interplay.

So, without dissecting the reasons why amulets have real power and magic, I simply agree with the earlier definition, that amulets are  “pendants with natural magical properties”.   I invite you to do the same and to find your amulet.  Like someone you meet that eventually becomes a valued friend, there’ll be something about the look and vibe that appeal to you right away.  Then you’ll get a feel for the personality, learn a little about the history, and the values represented.  At some point, you’ll simply know, this amulet was meant to accompany you at this point on your journey.  It will support you in what you most want and need at this time in your life … remind you of who you are, where you’ve been and all you are still becoming … amplifying your strengths, supporting your growth or healing your pain, and assisting you in the unique ways and combinations that are right for you.


Each Amulet is one of a kind, hand-made by myself, numbered and named.  The focus is first and foremost on the stones used and their properties, historic and energetic significance.  The stringing material is either silk thread, or metal chain links, to enable the piece to collapse easily and completely.  This gives the unworn piece the feel of a handful of stones, to be put in ones pocket or amulet satchel.  The second focus might be a found object or talisman of some sort.  The colors of the stones and objects are always relevant and relate not only to the properties of the stones but to the chakras of the energy system of the human body to which they relate.  All the elements and their significance are explained for each amulet, along with how it was made and specifics - like total length, the type of clasp used and anything else I think might be relevant.

Each Amulet for Well Being comes tucked comfortably in it own traveling trunk with personal traveling papers.  You can see the ensemble in the photos for each amulet below. The small booklet contains all the information about the piece that you find here on the website and is tucked into the cork-lined tin along with the Amulet in its satchel.