A variety of massage modalities are offered to accommodate a range of needs and preferences. Each treatment is customized to the individual’s comfort, needs and goals.


Massage for relaxation brings a healthy balance to the body – decreases stress and muscle tension, increases circulation and helps restore the mind-body connection. It is what we think of as traditional massage in the west, incorporating soothing strokes that glide and knead. Pressure ranges from light to medium and oil or lotion is used for lubrication. Along with the many benefits of relaxation, this style of massage is also effective in releasing areas of muscle tension and soreness.


Therapeutic Deep Tissue massage goes beyond its Swedish base, bringing additional techniques, deeper pressure and specific focus to areas of the body that need extra attention. Deeper pressure is used, as well as stretching, passive range of motion, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and more.


Massage work inherently incorporates elements of energy work, simply by the therapeutic application of human touch. However, there are certain modalities whose focus are more purely the energetic systems of the body and draw from eastern healing traditions.

Acupressure comes to us from Chinese medicine, borrowing from the knowledge base of acupuncture but using gentle pressure with fingers instead of needles.

Reiki is another ancient energy healing practice, coming from Japan and involving the balancing of the bodies energies – in this case through a very slow sequence of laying the hands on various areas of the body.

Both of these modalities are using in Well Being energy work. Treatments are given with the receiver fully clothed, either lying or sitting.


Therapeutic touch and gentle massage are offered to seniors in carefully customized and administered treatments, drawing from Swedish massage (gliding, rubbing and kneading strokes) combined with Comfort Touch techniques (gentle cupping, holding and compressing) and energy work. Clients may receive massage on a traditional massage table or massage chair. For those with limited mobility, the treatment may be given in their own bed, recliner, or wheelchair. Focus may range from the full body to just hands, feet or shoulders. Clients may receive massage disrobed (as is typical in traditional massage) or remain fully clothed, in loose, comfortable clothing. Lotion or oil may be used on exposed areas.