Movement is one of the great pleasures of the human experience. We move to live and we live to move. Movement for Well Being advocates incorporating movement into our everyday lives for both the pleasures and the benefits of exercise – especially in the second half of life!


What comes to mind if you think of the things you like to do that combine movement, exercise and enjoyment? Walking? Swimming? Tai Chi? Tennis? Hiking? Kayaking? Hiking? Golf? Dancing? The possibilities are almost endless and each of us has at least a few favorites. Take a minute to come up with your own list - short or long. Get the notebook you started in the stretching section and write down your list of favorites. They'll be the activities you enjoy, have access to, are seasonally available, and that you can participate in comfortably.

Your favorites list will be fluid and dynamic. You can play with adding new things that come up, and subtracting things that arent working for you.

  1. The first step is integrating at least ONE of the activities on your list THIS week for at least 30 minutes. Lets say a 30 minute walk around your neighborhood.

  2. By NEXT week, add another session, or, another activity from the list. Let's say you try a class you've looked up at your local community center.

  3. By the THIRD week, add a third session/activity. Let's say its the weekend and a friend invites you to go with her to the pool or for a bike ride.

  4. At one month in, you should be enjoying some movement/exercise 3 times a week. Keep track of what you're doing in your notebook and watch your program and your progress grow.

As you move into the 2nd month and beyond, expand according to your abilities and goals. You might move to adding a 4th session per week or bumping your sessions up from 30 minutes to 45. You’re in charge of creating the perfect program for YOU. Trust yourself, customize your program to fit your needs and capacities, and have fun! Some of my younger or more active, athletic clients end up enjoying routines with an hour or more of activity a day, 5 or more days a week. Others who are older or have more limited abilities or interests in this area might find they’ve got the perfect balance at 30 minutes 3 times a week.


Mary’s Woods Offerings / Ideas.  For all my lucky clients living at Mary’s Woods, you’ve got an abundance of activities at your finger tips. Click here for the link to the offerings. Our favorites are tai chi, water aerobics, free lap swim and pool time, treadmill and weights, line dance, and just walking around the campus and on Old River Road.

Greater Portland Area.  We’ve put up a few links here to get you started if you want organized options and support. Please let us know your experience and other favorite links so we can add them.


Movement is truly an essential part of Everyday Well Being in the 2nd half, bringing us the essential aspects of staying aerobically and muscularly fit. It keeps our bones strong and our joints lubricated. It propels us out into our communities in ways that are personally relevant and valuable for each of us. Exercise not only changes our bodies, it changes our minds, our attitudes and our lives.