Hi! I'm Elisabeth, a massage therapist in Portland, Oregon. If you’re reading these words, you're interested in how this site got started and there’s a good chance the idea of Everyday Well Being appeals to you too. Being comfortable, healthy and happy in an easy, everyday sort of way has been an unofficial mission statement in my life since I can remember.

For the origins of this website, fast-forward to somewhere mid-way through my professional life. I was ready to make a career change that would allow me to channel my professional energy toward work that would bring others health and well being in concrete and simple ways; and me, the ability to facilitate the process, one person at a time.

I’d always been interested in living healthfully, doing yoga, understanding the anatomy and physiology of how and why things work, and the fascinating connection of body and mind. Given all of the above, it wasn’t hard to decide being a massage therapist was the way forward. I graduated from Alive and Well in the Bay Area in 2000, from Oregon School of Massage a few years later, and started Well Being Massage in 2005.

After years of doing massage in many varied settings, I gravitated to working almost exclusively with senior citizens. I loved this population because they were consistent clients who experienced clear and myriad benefits from massage. They were also highly motivated to incorporate the stretching recommendations I customized for each client based on the first few massage sessions. In addition, they had the time, the motivation, and the access to add well-chosen physical activities to their routine, such as walking, yoga, dance, tai chi, water aerobics, circuit training, etc.

Soon enough, Well Being Massage was well established. Our files of stretches, class schedules and bits of paper with recommendations, however, needed a more efficient and accessible system. For this, we created a virtual bulletin board for our community, called Elisabeth’s List. This seemed to complete what was needed for the smooth running of the multi-faceted and on-going bodywork program for seniors that I had hoped for.

It was a lovely moment to stop and take a deep breath. I was grateful to be doing work I loved that made a positive difference in a community to which I had become very connected. I also felt there were more needs to meet and room to grow in addressing the health and well being of Seniors beyond bodywork.

The access that my clients granted me into their personal lives through massage allowed me to see another need that I was drawn to respond to. It was the area of downsizing, organization, and simplification. Having always been a natural organizer and having worked as a professional mover and organizer in the past, I decided to offer these services in the communities where I was already working. The response I received let me know what an important area this is. A well functioning base of simple systems from which one’s daily life can flow with ease, truly increases pleasure and decreases stress. Especially in the Second Half.

Since the everyday well being of Organizing couldn't be contained within Well Being Massage and was too important to be filed away somewhere in Elisabeth's List, we decided to expand to a broader theme that could include many different aspects of well being. At the same time, we wanted to reach out to seniors beyond our small community with resources they could use to create the same successes we had experienced. In short, we wanted to promote ways seniors everywhere could access everyday well being on their own, have support, and be part of a virtual community no matter where they lived. Everyday Well Being pretty much summed it up and was born.

The most recent addition (but probably not the last) is that of Amulets. Those for whom I’ve been creating them for years have called them wearable art, energy medicine, secular rosaries, and just plain jewelry. I’m grateful to those who encouraged me to include them here as they fit in with and complement the Everyday Well Being vibe.

Well, that pretty much brings us from there to here. If this introduction was too long, you probably didn’t make it this far anyway. If you did, thank you for letting me introduce myself and sum up how EWB evolved. For the inquiring minds that want to know, there was no way to make it shorter.

Respectfully yours in Health and Well Being,


Everyday: commonplace

Well-being: the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy