Organizing is magic, pure and simple. It pares down our “stuff” as well as our systems so that there is room and time in our lives for what really matters. Once the clutter is gone and simplified systems are in place, we can move through our days with ease and pleasure.


Take a few minutes to let your mind wander through your house. If you’re home now, do a physical wander. Look at each room and its contents carefully. Does it bring you satisfaction? Pleasure? Does it serve you well? Are the systems useful? Is it aesthetically pleasing? Or do you find too many things that don’t serve you or bring pleasure? Does it make you feel heavy or tired or buried in too much stuff and too much management?

If your home isn’t much of a Zen Retreat yet, you’re in good company. We’ve all been there and most of us, even if we’ve tried our best to organize and simplify, would benefit from another go at it. The good news is, there’s never been a better time to get organized. The organizing movement is gaining popularity, as is the act of pairing down “stuff”, living simpler, and living big in smaller spaces. This is especially good news for those of us in the second half who might already be looking forward to (or dreading) leaving the larger homes where families were raised and empires were built but no longer serve our needs. Whether the idea of organizing, streamlining and simplifying appeals to you as part of a future move, a downsizing, or just because you’re ready to do it, I can assure you that it is not only possible, but it will change your life! It will add minutes to your days, square feet to your living space, and lightness to your life. You’ll be able to spend more time doing the things you like to do, and less time managing stuff and unwieldy systems.


If you’re reading this, you’re ready to join the ranks those singing the praises of organizing and I’m happy to tell you that resources for your journey abound.

  • Bookstores (brick and mortar or online): Once you find the section on Organizing, enjoy perusing and then chose a book that speaks to you.
  • Getting Organized magazine. That’s right, there’s a whole magazine speaking directly to the quest we’re on!
  • Real Simple magazine. Another favorite mag of mine that always has organizing inspiration.
  • Storables and The Container Store: If you’re lucky enough to have these stores in your town, go like I do, just for fun, for getting ideas, and for revving up your enthusiasm.
  • The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up…the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo. Kondo is the new guru of the organizing movement and takes it into the realm of Zen. Since that’s the heart of organizing for me, I applaud her, take up ranks as a follower and invite you to purchase and read this small but powerful tome.
  • Me. That’s right, Elisabeth Schock, enthusiastic sorter and organizer since the early days. I've honed my skills over the years helping people sort through their stuff, organize closets, simplify systems, pare-down, pack-up, down-size and other variations on the theme. Its a gift to be a part of this transformational journey with someone, just as it is a gift for some to have assistance as they embark on the experience. If you’re one of those people, feel free to get in touch. Just use the contact form on the EverydayWellBeing website.

Here’s to your goals, the transformation ahead, and enjoying the ride!